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We have become increasingly irritated in recent years because of the different ways that companies try to evade actually engaging with their customers. We have all been there: you take time to find a number; you get your information together, you ring up and find that you have been put in a queue before you are able to speak to an expert. This just is not good enough in our opinion. We are ready to give you the solutions and answers you need without asking you to divulge unnecessary information, without making you have to wait in a queue and without asking you to speak to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about whilst you wait to be put through to someone who does! There is nothing left to say about that other than we genuinely want to engage with our customers so why would we make it difficult!
If you want to speak over the phone, then we have a dedicated line with the number easy to find right here on this website. If you want to speak over email, we have a contact form right here for you and the only thing you need to do is fill it in – you will get straight through to our email address and our customer service team! We find that phone is better for longer conversations, maybe where either side is unsure about the task at hand. Emails are better for detail and for quick points being made.