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After finding the perfect handyman for your home repairs, you need to know how to get into their VIP list. A good handyman definitely has a lot of clients and will give his most valued clients the first priority when they need his services. Here is what you need to do to get into the good books of the best local handyman:
1. Bundle Your Home Repair Jobs
A handyman who takes his time to travel to your home you call him deserves to get value for his time. You can ensure that this happens by bundling up your repair tasks before calling him. For instance, you can contact him to repair your deck, bathroom sink, and repaint your kitchen in one day. With such an arrangement, the handyman will make enough to sustain himself and get value for the time he spends in your home.
On the other hand, you will get all your repair work complete at a much lower price compared to the amount you’d have spent by hiring different people for the job. You will get your home in order within a short time and the handyman will earn enough which is a motivation for him to provide the best services.
You may feel that by bundling up your home improvement tasks is expensive but you don’t know what this means to your handyman. If he is sure that he will make enough for the day from you, he will postpone every other assignment to attend to you.
2. Buy What is Required for Your Job Before the Handyman Comes
To ensure that the handyman will not waste time when carrying out a task in your home, you need to get what is required ready. Most of the handymen will charge by the hour and getting prepared will ensure that you pay less for handyman services. Alternatively, you can ask the handyman to get the materials as he comes though the price will be higher since he will add his storage and transportation cost.
You can choose to spend less on your repairs by getting the materials and transporting them to your home. If you need help in buying materials for your home repairs, you can ask the handyman to help you. He will help you to get the best quality and you can choose the design, color or any other feature that will bring out the best in your home.
3. Carry Out your Maintenance Tasks During Offseason
In most cases, home maintenance tasks are not an emergency and can wait for some time. If the service you need can wait, do not ask for services at a time when everyone else is demanding the attention of the handyman.
For instance, during winter, most handyman, including the most qualified are desperate to get a job. It will be a perfect time to get the full attention of a handyman and spend less on your home maintenance. Though the job would take longer as a result of the climate, the amount you spend will still be less.
Though you want to save, it is important to know when a task required urgent attention from the handyman and when it can wait. For instance, if you suspect that your gutters need unclogging, do not wait until it begins to rain to have them repaired. This is an urgent repair work that should be handled before the rain comes. The same case applies to unclogging drainage or repairing a leaking pipe as these cannot also wait. Your home is more valuable than any amount you’d spend on carrying out the repairs.
4 Be Flexible with Time
When you need the services of the best local handyman, you need to apply some little patience. There are times when he will be too busy and will request you to give them a little time to complete the tasks they had taken up before yours. At other times, they may offer to handle your minor repairs in the middle of handled other larger tasks. If what you need is not really urgent, you can choose to wait and get the job completed when the handyman finds time.
5. Pay on Time
One of the best ways to ensure that the handyman leaves everything else to attend to your home repairs or maintenance is by paying on time. Like every other business, what you get pushes you to work harder so that you can get more. A handyman who is guaranteed that every time he comes to your home he will get good pay on time will never let you down. He will ensure that you get the best for the hours he will be in your home and also use the best materials for the repairs.
6. Put Your Agreement Into Writing
Before the handyman can begin working on your project, it is important to put everything into writing. Lay out the details for the job, the agreed cost, and how you will make the payment. You should agree on the time the job will take before the handyman can begin working on your project. This way, you will be aware of what you will be paying for even before the work begins.
It is also important to ask for a guarantee when working with a handyman. In most cases, a great handyman will be willing to offer a guarantee of up to 1 year for a task. You should ensure that you put the guarantee into writing so that if anything goes wrong, he will take responsibility.
Your home deserves the best and this is why you cannot afford to entrust your repair work to any handyman. Getting on the VIP list of a highly qualified handyman is the best guarantee that you will get the services that you want, when you need them. The cost of great services may be more but the assurance that nothing will go wrong during the repairs and that your family is safe is worth more than anything else.