When repair tasks in your home begin to pile up, you will need to hire a professional to complete the tasks. The problem comes when you don’t know the best person to contact for the job between a handyman and a contractor.
Well, you don’t have to be confused anymore! Here is a detailed preview to help you choose the best person for the available tasks:
1. Number of Tasks
A handyman is able to handle different projects at once and this means you don’t need more than one person to handle your repair work. He can repair your dishwasher, remove or replace your toilet, repair your bathroom, retile your floor, or even paint your home! This makes hiring a handyman quite convenient and as your home will be in order without letting in too many people into your private space.
With a contractor, he will come to your home to conduct a specific project. For instance, he could be a professional paint contractor and when you hire him, you’ll have to look for another person to perform the other tasks. This means you’ll be having more than one person in your home if you have multiple tasks you want to undertake.
2. Charges
The cost of hiring a handyman is lower compared to the cost a contractor will charge for a similar task. Despite charging as lower price, the quality of his job is still exception as he has the expertise to complete the job.
If you do not want to spend too much on your project, you need to hire a handyman. If you have multiple projects, the handyman could even give a discount as he’ll be handling them all. Your budget will dictate if you want to call a handyman or a contractor to do the job for you.
3. Size and Scope of Job
When deciding the right person for your job, you need to understand what your job entails. There are some jobs that will need more expertise and others that can be performed with ease. Before you contact a handyman to do the job for you, ask him if he can handle the task and if he has the required license to do so.
4. Flexible Schedules
A handyman has a more flexible schedule and can attend to you within a short notice. You don’t have to book in advance or make huge advanced payments to get his attention. Most of the time, he will avail himself any time you need him.
For a contractor, you need to book his services and there is no guarantee that he’ll be available. At times, it can take months before you are able to get a good contractor. If time is not on your side or the task is urgent, the best option will be to hire a handyman.
5. Repair Services
When you contact a handyman to complete a task, let say tiling a floor, it will be easier to call him to carry out some repair work. He will make time for you whether he is the one who installed the tiles or the work was previously done by someone else.
When you hire a contractor to do the job for you, getting him to carry out any repairs will be too much pain. At times, they could take months before availing themselves for the repairs.
If you need someone that will always be available when you need him, hire a handyman to complete most of your projects.
6. Additional Services
In addition to carrying out the agreed task, the handyman will go out of his way to ensure that he cleans up. His intention is to ensure that you are completely satisfied and to build a working relationship with you. He understands that by doing this, you will spread word about the quality of his work to anyone that needs handyman services.
At times, a contractor will take up your job, and then hire other people to carry out the task. The hired workers do not care about building a good relationship with you as long as they get their pay. As a result, some will leave a mess after completing their task and do not care what you think of them. For them, it is what they are getting from their current work that matters.
7. Efficiency
A handyman works for himself whereas a contractor hires others to complete the tasks. This makes all the difference! When you contact a handyman to carry out some tasks, he will do the work himself. This makes him more efficient as he wants to complete your task on time and attend to his other clients.
For a contractor, he will use different people to bid for your job and once he gets the job, he’ll send over other people to complete it. This leads to a waste of time and in some cases, some of the workers may not be efficient.
A handyman does not have a lot of expenditures in his operations. This makes it possible for him to provide exceptional services at discounted prices.
For a contractor, he has to pay his employees, rent a modern office, make uniforms for his staff, and pay other expenses. He will then pass on the costs to his clients whenever he is contacted to provide a service. This makes hiring a contractor more expensive than hiring a contractor to do the job.
If you are seeking a person to carry out an urgent task, the best option is hiring a handyman as he will attend to you on time. He will also ensure that he does your job perfectly and that your home is as clean as it was before he began the job.
Since a handyman has a wide knowledge in different fields, he’ll be able to advise you on different issues. Whether it is an issue about electricity, plumbing, painting, or any other field, he will provide expert advice. There is no need to hire different people to carry out repair works in your home when you can hire one handyman to complete all the tasks.

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