The bathroom is the second most used room in your home besides your kitchen. To ensure that it remains functional, it is important to keep the bathroom stylish. Whether it is a small space or an extensive bathroom, the handyman has what it takes to turn it into an ultra-modern space. Here are some things you need to consider before getting in touch with your handyman for the bathroom renovations:
Why You Want the Bathroom Remodeling
In most cases, there is one aspect that made you decide to carry out the remodeling. It could be a leaking sink, or that some amenities such as the bathtub are taking too much space. This will help in giving directions to the handyman on where to put the most focus on.
You can put down a list of the most important considerations and the things you’d love as well but can do without them. If the budget allows it after the handyman handles the essentials of the remodeling, he’ll handle the no-so-important aspects.
Consider Your Budget
Before you contact your handyman for your bathroom remodeling, you need to know the amount you are willing to spend on the project. If your budget is limited, you need to prioritize what the handyman will do and what you’ll re-schedule for a later date.
If you are unable to make a decision, you can invite the handyman to help you decide the most important sections of your bathroom that need urgent attention. He’ll also assist in choosing the design that will complement your home’s design.
Know What Other Family Members Want
If you don’t live alone in the house, it is important to get the opinion of the rest of your family. This will aid in coming to an agreement on what you really want for your bathroom. It will also be easier to decide which tasks can wait in case the funds are insufficient.
How Long Your Family Will be Using the Bathroom
If you plan to live in the house for a long time, you need to carry out a remodeling that will keep your bathroom functional and appealing for longer. However, if you plan to sell off the house or you’ll move out in the near future, you can choose a simpler design.
Decide if You Need a Bathroom that is Efficient and Easy to Maintain
The truth is, everyone needs a bathroom that is easy to maintain and efficient. To achieve this, the handyman will use a material that is easier to clean. He will avoid tiles as they are difficult to clean and could be a breeding place for mosquitoes.
Consider How Long Your Family Can Do Without the Bathroom
When carrying out a complete remodeling of your bathroom, the handyman will take some time to complete the job. You need to ensure that your family will remain comfortable for the time the work will be ongoing. To make it easier for the handyman to work without interruptions, you can choose to go on holiday at this time. You will have ample time to bond as a family as the home improvement goes on.
You need to ensure that the handyman you’ll leave in your home when away on holiday can be trusted. He should also be a person that needs no supervision to complete the job on time. Check the online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family so that you can settle for the best choice.
Here are Some of the Features the Handyman Will Work on When Remodeling Your Bathroom
1. Bathroom Layout
To make your bathroom more functional, there is a need to consider the ambiance, practicality, and the flow. There are multiple bathroom floor plans and the handyman will advise you on the best for you based on your space, and the existing plumbing connection. He’ll also maximize the use of natural light and also ensure that there is a good flow from your bedroom to the shower.
2. Shower
In most cases, anyone coming into the bathroom will use the shower and this makes it a priority. The handyman will choose the right screen to allow privacy and choose the best shower head for efficient flow of water. Whether you want a hand-held shower head or a waterfall shower, your handyman has the skills to install all types of shower heads.  He has designed hundreds or even thousands of bathrooms and, therefore, knows the best for your home.
3. Vanity and Basin
To make the vanity more appealing, the handyman will choose one that matches your bathroom. He’ll also ensure that there is sufficient storage and that there is ample bench space.
4. Lighting
The lighting in your bathroom should make it more welcoming and invigorating. It should make it possible for you to see clearly and at the same time remain comfortable. Most importantly, the handyman will ensure that the lighting is moisture proof. This will make it last longer without the risk of water damage.
When choosing your bathroom lighting, you need to consider your power bills and settle for the one that is energy efficient.
5. Fixtures & Fittings
Choosing the right taps, towel rails, and shower screens, among other fixtures will complement your bathroom’s design. Based on your budget, you’ll choose whether you need gold, stainless steel, or a brass tap. You’ll also choose the style that fits your taste for all the fixtures including sinks, shower, and the toilet. All these should create uniformity in your bathroom and the handyman will help you to achieve this.
Another important aspect that the handyman will consider is the storage space for your towels, toiletries, among others. Based on your agreement, he’ll create vanity cabinets, drawers or shelves in a convenient location.
However small or big your bathroom is, never shy away from carrying out the renovations that will make your space more appealing. All you need is to get the right handyman that will know what to do to make your ideal bathroom a reality. If you are unable to carry out all the renovations at once, you can agree on partial renovations with the handyman. Once you get the funds, you will complete the rest of the renovations.

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