Owning a deck in Ogden Utah is amazing and fulfilling as well. You’ll have a place where you’ll relax as you enjoy the sunshine during Summer. The type of deck you’ll build depends on the size of your compound and the budget you have set aside for the same.
If you have a large space, you’ll have the freedom to decide where to build your deck. for a smaller space, however, you have to apply creativity to get a space to build your deck.
Here are the different types of deck you can build in Ogden Utah
Attached Deck
This type of deck will be ideal for an L-shaped or a U-shaped housed. You will slightly raise the deck and attach it at the back of your house. This deck will be an extension of your home and if you put a shade over it, it’ll be more functional.
Detached Deck
This is a stand-alone deck that you can build in any part of your compound as long as its accessible. The deck will be a great place where you’ll escape from everything else in your house and enjoy some quiet time.
A detached deck can also be used for entertaining guests or holding parties as it is more stable. If you have a large space, you can choose any design for your deck and the handyman will make it a reality.
Multilevel Deck
This type of deck has different levels and would be appropriate for a compound that is large. If your home has different elevations, you can also choose to build an elevated deck.
The final result will be separate decks that are linked using steps. If your compound is hilly, rocky or sloppy, you can still build a good looking multilevel deck.
Side Yard Deck
Is there a section of your compound that looks deserted and you cannot use for any purpose? You can build a side yard deck on the spot.
You can turn it into a private space where you will go to unwind and just have a good time. The deck contractor will help you to design a private deck that will make the deck your little paradise.
Swimming Pool Deck
How would it feel to relax by the swimming pool when the sun is too hot? If the idea thrills you and you have a pool in your compound, ask the handyman to construct a swimming pool deck.
A professional handyman will know the best material to use for your swimming pool deck to make it last longer. He will also make the deck in a way that the children will not be able to access the deck without supervision.
Entryway Deck
This type of deck does not have an overhead cover and usually comprises of wood steps that have the same design as the main house.
You should get a professional handyman who will ensure that the deck looks as though they were made when the house was built. He will carefully connect the decks to your home’s entrance that will make your home more appealing.
Rooftop Deck
A rooftop deck is a great addition to your home that will give you a better view of your neighborhood. To build this deck, however, you need a professional contractor to inspect the condition of your roof.  He will ascertain if your rooftop is strong enough to hold the weight of your deck or not.
If your roof is in great condition, you will have more privacy as you enjoy the cool evening breeze. This will also be an additional room for your home that will make it possible to entertain more visitors at once.
Wraparound Deck
This is a large deck that you’ll build around your home. The space on each side of the house will depend on the available space which may make the deck uneven.
With this deck, you can choose to enjoy the sunshine or move to the part of the deck that has shade.it will also be possible to hold private discussions on one side of the deck while others still have enough space. Your home will also have better air circulation it will be possible through the connecting doors.
How to Build Deck Footings in Ogden Utah
The strength of your deck is determined by the footing as these are the pillars that support your deck. Your deck’s design will determine the number of footings you’ll use for your deck. the more footings you will have for your deck, the more stable it will be as the weight is evenly distributed.
When installing your deck’s footings, ensure that they are below the frost line so that they will remain stable during winter. Your handyman will help you to choose the right footing for your deck that will remain stable in all weather conditions.
He will also choose the best material for building your deck footing that will stand the test of time. He will consider the weight of your decking materials when choosing the size of your footing.  He will also consider the type of deck as each deck has different requirements when it comes to the footing.
For stand-alone decks, you’ll need stronger footings compared with an attached deck. Footing materials that will not get infested by pests or rot will be the best for your deck. They will make the deck last longer without the need to carry out any repairs.
Always ensure that you construct a deck that will complement the design of your home. Your handyman will also help you to design a deck that is within the standards set by the authorities in Ogden Utah. As we’ve seen, you have very many options when it comes to building a deck. From building on top of a roof, by the swimming pool or even at that place that looks deserted.
Contact your best handyman in Ogden Utah today and start constructing your dream deck.

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