Hiring a professional paint contractor is the best decision when it comes to making your home more appealing. If you are carrying out a painting project for the first time, you may not know what to expect.
Here is a guide that will show you the basics of what you can expect:
Proper Timing
A professional time will arrive at the work station within the time you agreed when signing the contract. He will also avoid taking unnecessary breaks or extended lunch break when working. With this, he’ll manage to complete your task on time and will not cause any inconveniences to your family.
He will inspect your home before signing the contract
A professional painter will never sign a contract from guesswork or what you tell him as the client. He’ll need to visit your home and find out the actual condition of the house he’ll be painting. With this, he’ll base his argument on facts, not on guesswork. If you find a handyman who does not have the time to inspect your home, you cannot trust him with your project as he’ll be planning for what he does not know.
He seeks to know your color and finishes preference
A professional paint handyman will not just proceed with the painting project without finding out what you really want. He will ask the colors you prefer for your home or office and if there is a specific finish you prefer.
If you are yet to purchase the paint, he’ll ask if there is a brand you prefer and if you are not sure, he will recommend a good brand. He has been painting for years and knows the paint brands that will bring out the best for your home or office.
Instead of making a purchase based on a television advert, it is advisable to ask a paint handyman what the best paint brand is. Relying on a biased advert will be misleading and in the end, you may not like the outcome of your painting project.
The paint handyman will have a detailed painting contract
Painting a house is expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, the handyman should provide a detailed info about the procedure he’ll follow when painting your home. For instance, he’ll indicate the number of layers, the amount of paint he will use, and explain other tasks he will carry out.
The professional handyman will also note down the time he’ll take to complete the job. This will help you to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your family is safe when the painting is ongoing.
If a handyman does not have a well-outlined contract, do not work with him as you are likely to get shortchanged in the end.
Give room for questions
You are investing a lot of money in your painting project and this means you deserve to ask questions. It is also a fact that you have used a lot of money to construct your house and this means you have exclusive rights to determine how you want the end product to be.
A professional handyman is always prepared to handle the numerous questions however awkward they appear. He will ensure that before he takes the next step, you are completely satisfied with what he has done. This way, you’ll feel that you are part of your project which will give you utmost satisfaction.
As someone once put it, ‘a professional painter does not paint houses, he paints lives.’
Cleaning after the painting
If you’ve ever been to a place where painting is ongoing, you understand how messy it can get. For a professional paint contractor, however, he will know what to do to keep your home tidy throughout the painting period. In the event that a mess accidentally occurs when painting, he’ll clean it up as soon as it happens. In the evening before they leave your home, the painters have to ensure that your home is tidy. However, if it is a new home that you are yet to occupy, you can agree to have the painter clean up after completing the project. If this is the case, you should put the agreement into writing when signing the contract.
Before the paint handyman completes his project, he should allow you to inspect his work. If there is an area that he did not paint properly, you can ask him to carry out some touch-up. The place that needs touch-up could be an entire wall or just a small area. Whatever it is, you are paying him to satisfy your painting needs.
It is important to note, however, that you cannot expect the paint handyman to carry out a task that was not in the contract for free. If you need him to carry out an additional task, get prepared to pay more for the service. However, if it is his mess, the only option will be cleaning it up.
Insurance and Licenses
Before you hire a paint handyman, ask him if he has a painting license and if he has a valid insurance cover. This will be proof that he is a professional and that should anything go wrong, you’ll get compensated.
A painter who does not have insurance and a license will make you incur huge losses if damage occurs. It is also important to know if the insurance company pays claims or will take off when the risk insured occurs. There are companies that will take years to compensate or avoid compensating at all. If a handyman is insured by such a company, you’ll be risking too much by hiring him.
Nothing is more satisfying like a painting job carried out perfectly. You’ll love coming back to your home after a long day at the office. When visitors come knocking, you will welcome them with your head high since you are sure that your home is beautiful.
Though the cost of hiring a paint handyman is higher, the outcome is amazing and you’ll stay for long without the need to repaint your home.

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