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Here in Ogden, Utah, we are ready to perform all of the duties that you would rather not be doing. There have always been handymen in one form or another and we are ready to give you a very modern version of this service. There aren’t many other contractors who have the versatility and professionalism that we have.
Therefore you should look no further for all of your handyman needs. We are there to provide them at a cheap cost and with a smile.

We have a great team here for you that are all ready to perform the tasks that you need. One of the key ingredients of running a successful handyman job is to make sure that you have staff that all have a varied enough background to handle the jobs. We have that team and we have been making people’s lives easier in the Ogden area for as long as we can remember. We would love to help you with a service as well!

Our Services

We have split our services into six easily digestible pages so that you are able to find the information that you need without the hassle and without the stress. On these pages, you will find out what the service entails, as well as the normal process that we undertake. Also, you will be able to find out exactly how to get the ball rolling and how to organize a service for yourself. 

Drywall Installation


Floor Installer

Drywall Contractor

Most people have drywall somewhere in their home or building. But you need to be a bit of an expert if you want to treat it properly. We have a particular expertise when it comes to these matters and we are ready to help you with repair, building, maintenance and all manner of other things that are useful. Visit this service page if you want to learn more.

Painting Contractor

Need a new lick of color? Need a give a place a new lease for life? We can help you there. Our painting contracting department has been going for as long as the business itself and we are ready right now to deploy our services for the good folk in Ogden. If you want to learn more about this then feel free to visit the page and you will get all of the information you need as well as finding out how to get the ball rolling with a service.

Flooring Installer

The technological developments when it comes to flooring have been quite a big deal. Now, people are not content with standard wood, they want linoleum or heated flooring. There are few contractors who are able to meet the needs of the market and we are one of them. We can do all of that, as well as the traditional sleek and sophisticated standard panel flooring. Visit the page for more and make sure that you get in touch with us if you have any questions at all – we would be very happy to answer them for you.

Window Installation

Door Installer

Bathroom Remodel

Window Installer

Here in Ogden we are ready to give you all of the windows services that you need. We are a very community minded company and therefore we are happy to help you and the good folks when it comes to windows. There are many different kinds of windows and we are able to install all of them for you. Come and have a look at some examples and we would be happy to find the perfect one for you.

Door Installer

We have been operating in the area for long enough to have built a relationship with many different members of the community. Whenever a door needs installing in the area, we would hope that our company is one of the first names on people’s lips. If not, we are ready to jump into action and continue what we have been doing for a long time: installing reliable great doors in a manner that is quick and efficient and professional.

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is a very important area of the house. We want bathrooms in many different shapes and colors and the reason for that is because we spend a lot of time in them and they come to represent our sense of style. So, when you are looking for a company to remodel bathrooms – you need one who is versatile and ready to do a job that stays in keeping with your design sensibilities. 

Deck Builder

Nothing complements your backyard like a new deck. Imagine the summer nights with dinner outside with the family. Perhaps you decide to install a fire pit to bring friends closer together. Regardless of the path you choose, you need a professional deck building contractor. Majestic Handyman Ogden is a Trex certified pro, meaning we can build you a deck that will have a 25 year warranty. What does that mean to you? Check for certifications before you consider a deck builder, and when you’ve looked around give us a call we cannot be beat.  

If there is a project in your commercial or residential building you need a handyman to handle, you will begin by searching for the best man for the job. Once you list down all the potential handyman that have the skills and the experience, the next step is to compare their charges. It will help you to determine the budget you need to set aside for your project and also prevent you from putting too much strain on your finances.
Here are Some of the Factors that Determine the Amount You Should Pay a Handyman
1. Size of the Project
If your project is large and will take a longer time to complete, you’ll definitely spend more on paying the handyman. An experienced handyman will be able to tell you how long it will take him to complete the job even before he begins working.
There are handymen that will charge a standard fee for a particular job and graduated fees for other complex projects. It is vital to talk about your project in depth with the handyman before he begins working on the project so that you can determine the cost.
Small Project
A small project will take the handyman a few hours to complete. This can be faucet repair, rehanging of an interior door, or replacing a doorknob. Every other simple task at home falls in this category and will definitely cost less.
Medium Project
The projects in this category are more demanding and will take longer to complete. The nature of the job is also more complex and will require more materials to finish the project. Projects such as hanging a shelf, drywall repair, and replacing a door fall in this category.
Large Projects
There are complex and demanding jobs that will take a day or even more to finish. This can be installing a heating system, home theatre wiring, or even putting up a new kitchen. If your project falls in this category, you should be prepared to have the handyman in your home for longer and to spend more on your project.
2. Experience of the Handyman
If you want to hire a handyman that has vast experience in the job, you should be prepared to pay more. Most of the handymen will charge as little as $25 when starting and as they gain experience, they will keep raising the fee until they get to their desired wage per hour. There are projects that are best handled by someone that has been in service for long and regardless of how much they charge, you will be safer with them.
3. Handyman’s Hourly Rate
This again depends on the level of experience. A handyman that has been in business for long will charge as much as $120 per hour. For the less experienced, the cost per hour can be lower and can range from $60 to $65.
If you are looking for a handyman that will not disappoint you, get a handyman who is very good at what he does though he will charge more for his services.
4. Complexity of the Project
There are projects around the home that looks simple but are very complex to handle. If your project falls in this category, you have to be willing to pay more as the handyman will take some time to ensure that everything is perfect.
For instance, if you want the handyman to install a toilet and remove the existing one, it will take him longer to complete the task. A handyman working on such a task will charge more even if the task will not take too much time. It is not right to say that you will not pay a good amount simply because he will be completing the job in a few hours.
5. Your Location
If you have had a chance to live in more than one state, you may have noted that the cost of handyman services vary. What you will pay for a service in a particular region is completely different from what a handyman in another state will charge. If you have just relocated, you should adjust to the pricing in the area when searching for the best handyman services.
Getting the Best Handyman
When choosing the right handyman for your home improvement, you will need to have a number of options to choose from. Check out the experience of the different handymen, their level of expertise, and the amount they are charging for the job. Here is a checklist of what you need to do before getting into an agreement with the handyman:

  • Put What You Need the Handyman to do Into Writing: before you begin your search for the handyman, it is important to know the tasks you want him to handle. If you want him to remodel your kitchen, put down the specific tasks in details. For instance, you may want to install a new sink, repaint the kitchen cabinets, replace the countertop or even the floor in the kitchen.
  • Consider Past Experience: it is important to hire a handyman who has handled a task similar to what you have at hand. Some tasks that has something to do with electricity or your home’s plumbing system requires a person that is not only trained but experienced. If possible, you can ask for the contacts of some of his past clients to know how good he is at what he does. You can also check out the feedback that the past clients have submitted on different online platforms.

Just like any other job, it is important to agree on the cost and the time the task will take before the job begins. Put this into writing as this will also help to keep you and the handyman accountable throughout the working process. You will have something to refer to when making the payment so that you don’t pay for a job done halfway. It will also help the handyman to get the right payment for you and ask for additional pay if you ask him to do a task that was not in the initial agreement.

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