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Hiring a reputable air duct cleaning contractor will guarantee you great results. A person who has the right tools and years of experience knows will ensure that you get value for your money.
Air duct cleaning should be carried out after every two or five years, based on the condition of the ducts.
How Often to Hire an Air Duct Cleaning Contractor
Here are some of the circumstances under which you will consider engaging the services of an air duct cleaning contractor

  • After the cleaning of your air ducts, you should be able to stay for at least 2 to 5 years before cleaning them again. Some unprofessional contractors may advise you to have the cleaning done more often so that they can keep getting money off you.
  • If you buy or rent a new home: if the previous occupant had not carried out an air duct cleaning in the recent past, you need to have the cleaning done.

If the owner had cleaned the air ducts, there would be no need to repeat the process.

  • When you complete your home remodeling: during construction, a lot of dust will spread in every corner of your home. If the air ducts had not been protected against dust, you will need to have them cleaned after the construction is complete.
  • If there are pets that shed fur: when pets shed fur, it will spread to almost every part of the home including the air ducts. You will need to clean the air ducts regularly so that the air duct cleaning contractor can remove the fur.
  • When you detect an offensive odor originating from the air ducts
  • If your home has permanent water damage
  • When you notice dust emitting from the air ducts

How to Achieve More from Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Get a professional air duct cleaning contractor: the contractor should have proper training and should have vast experience in the field.

He should also be able to work within the standards set by the regulatory bodies.

  1. The contractor should carry out a thorough check of the air duct system before getting on with the cleaning.

After the inspection, he should provide proof that there will be a need to clean the air ducts. For instance, he should prove that there is duct, debris or molds.

  1. The air duct cleaning contractor should ensure the safety of the people and the pets in the home during the cleaning.

He should avoid using harsh chemicals that will put the lives of your family in danger.
To avoid polluting the environment, the contractor should use vacuum cleaners which will blow air away from the home.

  • Inspect the air ducts after the cleaning: the contractor should allow you to view the air ducts after he completes the cleaning. This will help to confirm that everything is in order and you can wait for two or five years before cleaning the air ducts again.

Now that you know when you need to clean your air ducts and how you can achieve more from it, you need to know the best fit for the job.
What Makes a Good Air Duct Cleaning Contractor?
He should be accredited
The right contractor should meet the set industry codes and standard. You should seek to verify the accreditation so that you can be sure he got it from a reputable company.
If the contractor is not accredited, look for another one until you meet the one has met all the requirements.
He should provide affordable services, not cheap
When it comes to air duct cleaning, there are contractors who will charge the lowest prices and those that will charge an exorbitant price. The price range is between $60 and $400.
The quality of the services offered by an air duct contractor who charges $60 will be substandard. You will get an equivalent of the amount you are willing to spend.
A cheap contractor will most likely be unprofessional, unlicensed, and uninsured.
Work with a contractor who charges a moderate price and delivers high-quality work. You will get value for any coin you will spend on a reputable contractor.


When you look at the online reviews of the contractor you want to hire, are they positive? What are his past customers saying about the quality of his services?
Choose a contractor who has more positive reviews on independent review sites. You can also ask for recommendations if you are not sure that what is being said online is true.
Consider the amount of time the contractor has been in business. A person who has been in the industry longer is a better option as he will know what to do in all situations.
He should mind the safety of his clients
A good contractor will only use materials that will not harm the people living in your home. He will avoid the use of harsh chemicals that will lead to health complications.
He should have your interests at heart
Though you will pay the contractor for his services, it should not be his only focus. He should focus on how he will meet your needs by giving his best.
The air duct cleaning contractor should keep working until you are completely satisfied.
The cleaning equipment the air duct contractor is using should also determine if you should hire him or not. There are contractors who will use carpet cleaning machines that cannot really clean an air duct.
Before hiring, ask him what he will be using as this will determine the outcome. The cost may be higher if a contractor has modern equipment but the results tell it all.
Where possible get a local contractor where you will be able to interact with his past clients. You will also be able to view the equipment that he will use.
Always remember that your safety and satisfaction is in your hands. You can choose to pay peanuts and get poor services or pay a higher fee for better services. If the services are substandard, it means you will be repeating the process sooner and this means spending more money.

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